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Salford's festival of new music and art • 5th May 2024 •
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5 days to go: Sustainable Sounds

Our little festival is ever-evolving. New ideas, conversations and collaborations make it possible for us to learn and grow our sustainability strategies — so we can keep delivering the best festival we can, without the cost falling to our neighbours or planet.

Here are a few of the things we do to make Sounds as sustainable as possible:


Embracing the Old

You might notice some decorations around the festival that you’ve seen before, or signs in our older styles. This is part of our pledge to reuse as much decor & signage as possible, to prevent the creation of single-use items and to prevent waste where we can.

We’re embracing our changes throughout the years; using our festival as a place to show off our growing collection from festivals-gone-by. An old shop sign from 2018’s Soundstown? Sure. Legs from 2022 still running about the place? Why not.

This year, we’re happy to have 2024’s branding by Islington Mill-based Taxi Cab Industries immortalised by the wonderful, equally Mill-based Tara Collette in the form of two beautiful banners. Keep an eye out for them at this year’s festival, and the one after that, and the one after that…


Keep It Local

Speaking of Tara and Taxi Cab Industries, let’s chat about the other people we work with. We have always committed to using suppliers as close to home as possible, reducing the need for lengthy delivery journeys and unnecessary packaging where we can. It also means we can put money back into the community and shout about our neighbours, always championing local independent businesses above all else. What good would Sounds be without the thriving community around it?

Huge shoutouts to Seven Bro7hers Brewery, Walk The Plank, Marc the Printers, Soundhaus, Hollowsphere, Helix Create, S&S Marquees, and many more.

(Even huger shoutout to The Deli Lama who moved EVEN closer to our office recently, and whose sandwiches have fuelled all of our team’s hard work. Without you, we’d be very hungry.)


Tryna Catch Us Ridin’ Clean

We just talked about keeping delivery journeys down, but how about keeping them green, man? At the start of the year, we got a new e-bike via the TFGM Active Travel Community Access Grant scheme. This means we can pick up deliveries and ferry bits between venues on the day, all without emitting pollutants along the streets where we’ll be congregating (although anyone sat behind Mark on the bike may disagree).


Finding Your Way

So that’s how we’re getting about… how are YOU getting about? As an inner-city festival with great transport links and accessways, we encourage our audience to use active or public means of travel wherever possible. Our venues are positioned between two train stations, along a road with multiple bus stops and hire bike/scooter hubs. Check out our getting here page for more information, alongside a map of all our venues + walking distances for this year.


Paperless Programmes

Once you’re here, you’ll notice we don’t have any programmes to give out. That’s because we host our programme online for you to access on your smartphone throughout the day, reducing the energy & waste that usually goes into their very limited lifecycle. If you do want to print yours out, we also provide a printer-friendly black & white version for you to print at home while using as little ink as poss.


Get Bevved (Responsibly)

Thirsty? All the SFTOC bars serve the majority of their drinks in recyclable aluminium cans, a.k.a. The Humble Tinny. Cans are the most recycled bev container in the UK, and their recycling process uses far less energy than that of plastic or glass.

If you order a drink that can’t be contained in a can — round of shots anyone? — we’ll provide a compostable paper cup. And if you think you’ll brave another round, maybe pocket that cup and we can refill it for you.

Plus, keep an eye out for our water refill points across the festival, where you can fill up your own reusable bottle for free. If you can’t find one, ask the nearest member of bar staff.




So there you have it, a little insight into the sustainability behind the scenes. As always, we really value your thoughts on how we do things… this is a festival for you, after all. Drop us a line on our socials or [email protected] with any suggestions of what we can do differently, so we can keep evolving.



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