Sounds from the Other City 2018 – Sounds From The Other City
Salford's festival of new music and art • 5th May 2024 •

"A festival like no other...One of the best days of the year"

Manchester Live
Audience enjoying the sunshine next to the Moist Collective performance tent on Chapel St at Sounds from the Other City 2018
Moist Collective
Drag performer and Manchester QueenAnna Phylactic as host for SoundsTown school of painting and decorating as part of Sounds from the Other City 2018
SoundsTown Academy of Painting and Decorating
SoundsTown's fictional party police greet audience members arriving at Sounds from the Other City 2018
SoundsTown's Party Police
A dog in fancy dress takes part at the SoundsTown dogshow as part of Sounds from the Other City 2018
A hot dog at the dog show
colour photograph, person crouching with arms stretched out, with crowd standing in circle around, outside on concrete ground

It was the biggest, hottest and – according to 81% of our audience (yes, we even did an evaluation!) – our ‘best’ festival yet.

On an unusually tropical Bank Holiday Sunday, our 2018 Artistic Directors Stina Puotinen & David Bailey (the illustrative hand behind almost all the drawings you see on this website) welcomed us into the weird and wonderful world of ‘SoundsTown’ – a fictional town set within the city limits of the festival site.

From the get go 2018 truly encapulated the Sounds spirit: including a chaotic early doors dog show, disco seances, a school of painting and decorating, hot dog eating competitions and drinking and dancing on the streets from start to finish.

And thats before we mention the 152 acts across 30 stages and afterparty venues that brought the heat to put on the heat!

Inflatable Air Dancer called SoundsTown character Claire Dancer welcomes audience to Regents Trading Estate at Sounds from the Other City 2018
Cl'Air' Dancer

"the ultimate homage to a Salford changing fast but anchored by its artists"

The Independent
Spectrum aka Sonic Boom plays live on the altar at St Phillips Church at Sounds from the Other City 2018
Spectrum aka Sonic Boom
Hot Bone play live at the Angel Centre at Sounds from the Other City 2018
Hot Bone
Duds play live at Bound Art Fairs stage at HotBed Press as part of Sounds from the Other City 2018
Goat Girl headline the main stage at Regent Trading Estate to a packed audience at Sounds from the Other City 2018
Goat Girl

2018 promotors were

(in no particular order)

Bad Uncle . One Five Eight, Band on the Wall, High Hoops, The Beauty Witch, Bound Art Book Fair, Reform Radio, Comfortable on a Tightrope, MurMur, Eastern Bloc, Fat Out, Legroom, Good Afternoon, Grey Lantern, Heavenly Recordings, Hey! Manchester, IMPA.TV, Invisible Wind Factory, Market, Night Fantasy, Now Wave, Regal Disco, School of Electronic Music, Strange Days, Thirsty Girls Collective, Tru Luv, Young Identity, The Engine House Collective, BIMM, Top of the Hill, Ella Henry, Moist Collective and antics Clubnight.

Legroom present interdisciplnary artists NightShift International as part of the Feminin Feminin programme at Sounds from the Other City 2018
Feminin Feminin - Nightshift International
small group in well lit room at hot bed press socialising
Yammerer and Audience

2018 artists were

77:78,  [ K S R ], AJA, Akaram, Alxdr London, Anna Burch, Anni Rossi, Atatat, Barbarossa, BBC Philharmonic Ensemble, Bitowski, Bodies on Everest,  Bog FM Roadshow, Boredom (Live), Boy Azooga (solo), Boys Will Be Boys,  Brian Leech,  Burgundy Blood, Cattle, Cavalier Song, Chrystal, Cong Burn, Crumbs, Cucina Povera, Cutwerk, Dan Stock, De Rumba DJs, Devastia, DJ Acid Rephlux, DJ Hongee, DOE, Don’t Be Cruel, Drahla, Dr Mystery, DUDS , E11e, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Éntha (live), Ex-Easter Island Head (solo), Faded Gold, Farhood + Tardast, Footshooter, FYI Chris, Ghold, Goat Girl, Godspeed you! Peter Andre, Hatchie, Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?, Heavenly Jukebox DJs, Her’s, Hey Colossus, Happy Meals,  Hesska, High Hoops (all night long), Honor Gavin, Horsey, Hot Bone, Hotel Lux, Hover Squid, Industries, Innerstrings, IWFM Radio Roadshow, Jack Galereux, Jacuzzi, Jade Mannion, Jasmine Jones, Jaz Linklater, JC Leisure, Jessica Higgins, JP Huzzle, Just Blankets, Kayla Painter, Kerrie King Bongos, Kiss Me Again, Kxngs, Late Night Karaoke Dungeon hosted by Marilyn Misandry,  Laura Bailey, Laura Bowler, Laura Misch, Liohness, Lorenzo Senni, Luminous Bodies, Luxury Death, Lychee, Lynch, Manni, Means&3rd . MeMe Gold, Merlin Nova, Miasma, Mold, Monopoly Phonic,  Mortal Sinner, MT Hall , Mun Sing, Mur Mur, Mush,  Mutch, NABB GANG, Nick Ainsworth, Night Fantasy DJs , Not Waving , Notchyy, Nun Habit , OneFiveEight presents… Beng! Beng! Beng!, Otherchannels, Out Of Quiet, OVA, OYL, Pearl City, Perkocet, Personal Best, Pijn, PINS (DJ set), Pip Blom, Punctured Disco, Rachel Goodyear, Rattle, Reality Goggles, Richard Nhoebra, Rosebud, Run Logan Run, SheBeKeke, She The Throne , sir Was, Sleazy F presents: Dripset Live, Slumb Party, SNO, Somnia, Sorry, Spectrum  (Sonic Boom/Pete Kember), Sunny Wray, Suzi Wu, Sweaty Palms, Team Picture, The Aleph, The Bear Around Your Neck, The Foetals, Toucanplay, Vacuus otiosus, Virginia Wing/XAM Duo, vwls, W H Lung, Werkha . White Room, William The Conqueror, Wolf Girl, XamVolo, Yadda, Yammerer, YOWL and Yuri.

"The ONLY day/metropolitan festival that actually feels like a real festival, not just going between locations to see some music"

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