Sounds from the Other City 2022 – Sounds From The Other City
Salford's festival of new music and art • 30th April 2023 •
Daytimers w/ Gracie T b2b Nivetha
FFSYTHO out n' about
LYR at St Philips Church
Reform Radio revellers

After a long and painstaking absence due to the pandemic, we were thrilled to be back.

All legs led to… the Return to Chapel Street.

And what a joy of a day it was, to be back amongst our people, to feel that magical atmosphere, to see Chapel Street transformed, from the industrial surrounds of Hot Bed Press to the salubrious upstairs lounge at Five Four Studios. Sounds poured up to the hallowed ceilings of St Philips Church and packed down into the sweaty back room box at the New Oxford. It was life affirming and we knew what we had missed.

As ever there was far too much for any one person to do, and pretty much every kind of contemporary music under the sun, from Poet Laureate’s Simon Armitage’s post rock project, LYR, through to Lovescene’s remarkable soul music.

And of course the surreal was never far out of sight from Lurid Ultra Hybrid ‘s invocation of the spirit of Pat Butcher to Dogs with Jobs teaching us all how to be the goodest boys and baddest bitches.

We can’t wait to bring it all back again in 2023.


Mali Hayes at Regent Trading Estate
Highschool at Hot Bed Press
Mandy, Indiana at fivefourstudios
Bitez at Bexley Square

2022 promotors were

(in no particular order)

Band on the Wall, Love Rain, The Beauty Witch, Alphaville, Reform Radio, Fat Out, Good Afternoon, Grey Lantern, VAM, Factory International, Heavenly Recordings, Ladies Music Pub, Partisan Collective, Hey! Manchester, Piano in the City, Singing Box, Do Your Best, Niamos, Now Wave, Daytimers, Me Gusta, Regal Disco, Tales from the Other World, Sweet Vibrations, Plug One, Bohemian Grove, Strange Days, Tru Luv, Big People Music, Creatures, Queer Freak Rave, Acid Rephlux & Friends.

Lashimba at Reform Radio stage
Crowd dancing at Reform Radio

2022 artists were

(in no particular order)

Kiss me again djs, Gut level, Frazer (club rush), Queer Latifah Dj Bop, Do you remember the first time, Good Afternoon Sound System, Chips with Everything, Psychederek dj, Good Afternoon presents ‘Selinanation: A Pop Banger Odyssey’, Sandy Freckle, What do i tell my friends, Edane Ng, Test Card Girl, Joash, HMD, Bitez , Sibz , Renzniro, Dirty Freud, LYR, Freya Beer, Modern Nature, Wesley Gonzalez, Splint, Pip Blom, Lavender Rodriguez, Akemi Fox, [K S R ], Layfullstop, Motto Estate, Sarah Bates, Love Rain djs, Plug One djs, Monopoly Phonic, Kim Lana, Machine Woman, High Hoops, Mia la Metta, Threads, Yossari Baby, For Breakfast, Lara Jones, The Rebel, Sonny Bliss , Thank, Gnod , Another Country, Dirty K, 6a6y 6/Annexia, Lena C, Lashimba , Periisu (Hosted by Zari), Obeka, Renee Stormz, Szajna b2b Murder He Wrote (Hosted by Zari), Ayy Den, Juke Joint, Gracie T b2b Vindya, Nivetha, Ruby Swallow, RSP, Trayner, Chandé b2b G33 b2b Daytimers crew, Fran Lobo, Madi Saskia, Oneda, Katy J Pearson, P-Ro (dj), Audiobooks, Tyson, Daisy Dickenson’s Matekoi a/v installation live, Mali Hayes, Call It A Truce, Contours, Lovescene, Kid Katharsis, Ku’umba, Fehdah , All Hands on Deck: Beginner dj workshop (with guest dj Natalia), Aria Scere: Intro to Vogueing workshop, Amelia Wallace, Charlotte Newman, Natalie and the Monarchy, Wobbegong, LinnkU, Cabaret programmed by Fatty Acid, Late Night Karaoke, Victoria Jane, July 7, Nospace Mcr, FFSYTHO?!, Nayana Iz,The KTNA , Jasmine Rowland dj, Agent j dj, Freak Slug, Mewn , John Mrytle, The Bug Club, Hamish Hawk, Highschool, Holy Other , Jeff O’Toole dj, Jade Li dj, Infant, Beau Mec, Sockethead, Lady Neptune, Mandy, Indiana, Grove, Terrie T, Artist Lebo, Ms Dee, Charisse C, China Lily, Isaiah Hull, Musumba, Francesca, Glue70,Dj Chaise, Jenna G, Alex, Katbrownsugar, Zeyla, La Presidenta, Son of Bingo, Sens Sagna and the Kajamor Family, Bob Cojones, Atike, Yohan , Johnny Abstract, Damo B, Sockethead, Means&3rd , Dj Acid Rephlux, Fat Camp djs & Fat Britney b2b dj Klitbait

2022 Aftermovie

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