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Salford's festival of new music and art • 5th May 2024 •
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6 days to go: Special Stuff

SFTOC is a music festival first and foremost; exceptional new sounds in spaces and places you’d least expect.

And it’s also about so much more; the unexpected, creative, weirdo bits that make it the true ‘Salford Christmas’ experience. Those are the bits we cleverly like to call the ‘Special Stuff’.

Here’s a quick round-up of a few of those highlight for 2024:

The Conductor

Fancy being part of a unique moment in time when humanity first experienced a planetary connection to climatic events? Well look no further than this Sunday, when artist Mishka Henner unveils The Conductor at the Transmission Suite at the University of Salford’s Acoustics Department. The premise of the project is to channel all the world’s thunder strikes through a single percussionist beating a drum each time a lightning strike is recorded.

Sign up at the Wristband Exchange on the day (first come, first serve for limited groups of 20) and get your ticket for a magical mystery tour to a world of wonder.


As part of the Samarbeta Music residency program, Glasgow based multi instrumentalist and songwriter Ray Aggs is currently here in Salford at Islington Mill, developing new music and a live performance of new folk songs that you’ll be able to experience for the first time at this year’s festival.

Experimenting with traditional songwriting techniques, fiddle, guitar, banjo, bones and other hand percussion, as well as incorporating elements of dance music, electronic drum machines and synthesisers, Ray will create and reclaim a new type of exploded folk song.

Catch their performance at a brand new venue for this year;  Working Class Movement Library.

Pork Idol Pageant

Join this year’s SFTOC Art Directors, the Fvck Pigs as they roll out the finalists for their Pork Idol Pageant. The pink-clad Pigerati dance troupe, fresh from collaboration with Peaches and Beth Ditto, have been on the hunt for a new breed of pigs to join their drove . This Sunday their search will reach it’s climax.

Join us on the Green and squeal for your favourite as the prospectives piggies trot outta the pig pen and onto the stage! The winner will join the troupe as they dance the night away at our Afterparty at Maxwell Hall.

$eamu$ & Friends Markets

Joining us for the first time this year are $eamu$ & Friends. As well as bringing a raging line up of djs and live performers to the New Oxford, they’ve also invited along a host of their friends, local designers and makers, to the adjacent Bexley Square.

Stop by and impress your friends by getting your hair tinselled by Bill or picking up an unmistakeable Biffa Bag. See all the stalls here.

Get involved at Partisan Collective!

For those of a more active persuasion you can get stuck into the world of  Gelli-plate mono printing or take a foray into art of djing at the Partisan Dj club and open decks.

Come along to Islington Mill and get involved!

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