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Salford's festival of new music and art • 5th May 2024 •

SFTOC 2023 Accessibility

Sounds from the Other City is a multi venue festival, taking over spaces across Salford. We have tried to make as many venues as possible wheelchair accessible however due to the nature of the event not all spaces are.

Under 18s can access all venues until 10pm if accompanied by an adult.

This page give access details for each venue we are using. Any further questions or to request assistant tickets please email

We are committed to making our festival as accessible as possible and are always looking for ways to improve. We welcome suggestions of how we can improve our festival for people with access requirements.

You can find a site map including walking distances between venues on our Getting Here page.

Audience take a breather on the kerbside outside St Philips Church at Sounds from the Other City 2015

Venue Access

Bexley Square / Bexley Square is an outdoor stage. It is fully wheelchair accessible if accessed from Chapel Street. There will be an accessible portable toilet on Bexley Square and there is an indoor accessible toilet in The New Oxford which is on the corner of Bexley Square.

The New Oxford / There are two entrances to The New Oxford. The entrance on the corner of Bexley Square has one step up into the bar. The side entrance is wheelchair accessible via a ramp. The venue has an indoor accessible toilet.

Porta / Porta is not wheelchair accessible. It does have an accessible toilet. There are 2 steps going into the main entrance of the restaurant. The accessible toilet is in the restaurant on the ground floor. The venue is above the restaurant up 27 steps. Porta will be serving food from Bexley square which is completely accessible. 

St Philips Church  / ​​Fully wheelchair accessible with an indoor accessible toilet.

The Old Pint Pot (Upstairs) / The upstairs venue is wheelchair accessible and has an indoor accessible toilet. The hill coming down to the venue is quite steep. 

The Old Pint Pot (Downstairs) / There are 18 steps down to the outdoor patio which leads to the downstairs venue. There is 1 step up into the venue from the patio. There isn’t an accessible toilet in the downstairs venue.

Adelphi House Car Park / Adelphi House Car Park is a fully accessible venue. There is ramped access into the car park from the main entrance on the Crescent. All surfaces on the car park are level and step free.

Regents Trading Estate / All venues on Regents Trading Estate (Unit 2, Unit 4 & Bar Marquee) are fully wheelchair accessible and there will be accessible portable toilets on this site. 

Partisan Collective @ Islington Mill / Partisan collective is a fully wheelchair accessible venue via a permanent ramp and has an accessible indoor toilet.

Mirage Bar @ Islington Mill / Mirage bar is a fully wheelchair accessible venue via a permanent ramp and has an accessible indoor toilet.

Hot Bed Press / Ground floor venue with double door access. There is one small 20cm step into the building. There is an accessible portable toilet in the front courtyard. Please note the courtyard’s surface is uneven.

FiveFour Studios 1/  Studio 1 is situated on the ground floor with step free access and an indoor accessible toilet. 

FiveFour Studios 2/ There are 2 steps to reach the studio 2 through the main entrance to the building. There is a step free access around the side which can be accessed by speaking to a member of the venue staff.

FiveFour bar / The bar is not wheelchair accessible. There are 17 steps up to the bar. There are 18 additional steps up to the loft.

The White Hotel / The White Hotel doesn’t have an accessible toilet but there is a bigger cubicle next to the bar. The public entrance to the venue is not wheelchair accessible. There is step free access through the fire escape which the venue security can open for wheelchair users. The public entrance has 5 steps. Once in the venue there are no steps between the venue and bar. The floor on the dance floor of TWH is uneven in places.


Audience arriving at the wristband exchange at Sounds from the Other City 2015

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