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Salford's festival of new music and art • 5th May 2024 •
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a Q&A with… SHEwillprovide

"Sounds allowed me to explore Salford in a way that I’ve never done before."

Azziza Tate

For a breezy intro to one of this year’s SFTOC selectors, Rosabella catches up with SHEwillprovide: an iconic collective in Manchester who have flourished to become an important pillar of the city’s underground scene. Consisting of Seun, Azziza and Adele, each member brings their own styles and tunes to the mix — inspiring everyone on the dancefloor to move.


How did you start SHEwillprovide? What’s your backstory, how did it all begin?

Azziza: SHEwillprovide started from an idea to put on a day party in the summer of 2022. I wanted to see black women at the focal point in the underground music scene, and as someone who likes to go to parties myself, I visualised an event that could bring that to life. It was only meant to be a one-off event… but seeing such a beautiful response from the community, the platform was born!

Adele: I saw the growth of SHEwillprovide from working with Azziza at the union in MCR. We always shared our interest in music, and she had expressed she’d be interested in starting an event and building a platform around black women in the industry. After the first event at The DBA, Azziza had asked if I’d like to work alongside her with continuing with this, and then following on Seun joined as well. [This is] where we truly began the journey of the SHEWillProvide you see today.

Seun: Well, I’ve known Azziza for a long time she was always on the dance floor when we used to party back in our younger days. SHEwillprovide provided the space for me to express my musical interests with other black women when they invited me to become the 3rd member. 


Describe your musical style: What and who do you love in Manchester and beyond?

Azziza: Inspired by my Jamaican roots, I like the dubbier side of music. Anything that has a nice bass to get your booty shaking. I like jungle, breakbeats, grimy but also electronic. I love the underground music scene in Manchester because it’s so expansive. I love all the artists, groups and collectives that came before me, e.g. MouseOutfit, Dubphizix, IAMDDB. And from the motherland: Sister Nancy. 

Adele: I would say my musical style and DJing is a reflection of all styles of music. I range between the genres of future Beats, RnB, Dance, Amapiano/Baile and Hip-Hop/Jersey edits & remixes. What I love about Manchester is that because I’m from London, I had to find my community here, and the scene has such an amazing array of talents that are able to welcome you in. It lets me know that Manchester will continue to grow on the map around the world for its talents.

Seun: I love a lot of music across the black diaspora — for example old school house, afrobeats and a lot of garage and grime. I love Sweet Female Attitude, DJ Paulette and New Order; and beyond that I like a lot of neo-soul, chilled stuff like Erykah Badu and The Internet. 

What does Sounds from the Other City represent to you?

Azziza: I went last year for the first time and was lucky enough to play representing another amazing collective: The Beatriarchy. I was impressed with the way it was organised, it was a very friendly and welcoming space. It allowed me to explore Salford in a way that I’ve never done before.

Adele: SFTOC has always been a festival that brings me so much excitement and intrigue, from hearing about all it provides to the city on a special day and the love the city has for it. So I’m really excited to not just be attending my first Sounds, but also to be a part of it!

Seun: Sadly, I was not there last year but all my friends were (crying in FOMO). But this year I’m lucky enough to curate a stage with my SWP girlies and I’m really looking forward to it!


What’s your advice to people starting club nights or getting into music?

Azziza: Have a clear vision, intention and support. There’s always a lot going on in Manchester, so it’s important to find where you stand amongst the noise. For getting into music, make sure to express yourself authentically. 

Adele: It’s always good to know your purpose, why do you want to do this event, what do you want the people to experience, and what is it that you want to bring to the scene. Knowing these things will always allow you to stay true to what you wish to create and your vision, and inevitably I believe the right people who are looking for the same things will come for the journey as well.

Seun: Find your people, you can’t really do it alone. Don’t be scared of new opportunities — you never know where they might take you. 


What song would you have as the SHEwillprovide theme tune?

  1. Vibe (If I Back it Up) – Cookiee Kawaii


Describe one of your biggest Hollywood (Manchester) star moments…

Azziza: We Out Here!!! Getting the artist wristbands when we got the opportunity to play at WOH. That solidified SWP’s growth as a collective. 

Adele: I would say the summer of 2023 was the star moment, just the growth and love for our collective has been so amazing to see.

Seun: Same as Azziza, WOH was a next level experience. Would love to be a part of it again. 

Have you got anything coming up that we need to look out for?

We are really excited about out event on April 12th at Soup in the basement. It’s going to be live streamed in collaboration with streamGM. We haven’t released the line-up yet, but it’s going to be mega.

Check out the event here

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