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Bohemian Grove

An illustrated image of two hands, both with blue nail polish on the fingers, looking like they are dancing together

Bohemian Grove was formed in 2010. Inclusive, open to everyone, with a shared passion for electronic music, in many ways the antithesis to the real Bohemian Grove, with it’s exclusivity to power.

With a revolving group  of residents and the perfect home of Islington Mill, it was the only all-night party at the time, showcasing artists from all corners of the globe ,most had rarely been seen or heard before, many of which are now household name . Some people may also say much of which has happened in the local scene couldn’t have happened without the early influence of what went on at Islington Mill at Bohemian Grove. Not only that the record label III Rivers was also born out of Bohemian Grove.

It’s safe to say we are delighted to welcome the return of Bo Grove and a first outing at SFTOC

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