Rays Aggs Residency at Sounds from the Other City 2024 – Sounds From The Other City
Salford's festival of new music and art • 5th May 2024 •
Press shot of artist, standing wearing blue shirt over black t-shirt against a background of foliage

RAY AGGS is a multi instrumentalist and songwriter based in Glasgow, who performs under the name R.AGGS. A prolific specialist in euphoric post-punk, they have achieved international acclaim with collaborative touring projects Trash Kit, Shopping and Sacred Paws.

As part of the Samarbeta Music residency program, Ray will spend 10 days in Salford in the lead up to the festival, creating  new music and a live performance of new folk songs. The residency is an opportunity for Ray to explore the nature of aural tradition and share ideas around ‘roots’ music, appropriation, belonging, identity and the black diaspora.

Experimenting with traditional songwriting techniques, fiddle, guitar, banjo, bones and other hand percussion, as well as incorporating elements of dance music, electronic drum machines and synthesisers, Ray will create and reclaim a new type of exploded folk song.

And you will be able to catch it live , for the very first time, at SFTOC 2024.

The residency will also feature:

–  a series of workshops for local people of colour (musicians and non-musicians) to learn about improvised guitar techniques and generative songwriting sessions. The workshops will draw upon black counterculture and the afro-futurist imagination to deconstruct concepts of purity and authenticity. More information about how to participate in those will be shared soon.

– an artist talk and discussion on Decolonising Folk Music at the Working Class Movement LibraryMore details and links to book tickets coming soon.

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