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Live Printing at Hot Bed Press

multi coloured artwork consisting of multiple shapes and textures

For one day and one day only, Hot Bed Press present 3 artists who will be screenprinting live on the ground floor of the building, in amongst the live music action. There will be special limited edition prints only available on the day, as well as t-shirts and bags for sale.

multi coloured artwork consisting of multiple shapes and textures


Sectiō is interested in the world of Quantum Physics where energy is connected, negative and positive.

“Energy never disappears, it can only be transferred or transformed. Through positive intentions, thoughts and actions we can learn to play with energy, dancing to its rhythms and patterns creating a balanced reality that we have chosen”. Sectiō

Sectiō will be printing live, with these special limited edition prints are available for one day only!

photo of a page containing several of the same cartoon images repeated


Fat Wang Records was established in 2017 in the back streets of the 9th Arrondissement in Paris. The character design and concept of the store comes from a collaboration between 2 artists who grew up in Manchester in the 1980s. A bespoke record store specialising vinyl and merchandise, Fat Wang has made numerous appearances both as DJ, and following an extensive sticker and print campaign across Europe, now includes Art and printed goods.

There will be editioned prints, specially commissioned for SFTOC printed on the day and available to buy.

red logo with with a partial outer circle completed with the words you are here and an inner red circle

You Are Here

‘Creating a sense of place where one wasn’t necessary since 2009’

The You Are Here Collective will be dispersing the Y.A.H. message and limited edition DIY You Are Here kits at venues across the festival.

The secretive group have been sticking up in unsuspecting cities and towns for many years.

Ron Seaker, founding member says, “This represents a full blitzkrieg for us. We are usually subtle and clandestine, so that people stumble across stickers in incongruous places around the country and across the world. Ratcheting up our output for Sounds is an exciting twist to our low key, low fi, low effort urban interventions. Bring it on…”

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