DJ Soyboi B2B The Niallist | Sounds From The Other City – Sounds From The Other City
Salford's festival of new music and art • 30th April 2023 •

Going B2B in the early hours is Ballroom DJ, The Niallist and Jungle legend DJ Soyboi for an exclusive, never before seen, B2B set.

DJ Soyboi is a Manchester based DJ and Producer who aims to provide your daily dose of protein through a healthy, nutritious mix of jungle, footwork and hardcore. Drawing as much inspiration from Chicago and Berlin as from the UK, DJ Soyboi’s blends of speed-limit breaking tunes are way ahead of the curve and leave heads spinning.

The Niallist is a DJ, producer, writer and performer, Glasgow born and Manchester based. They take their ballroom inspired sets regularly to the dark club floors of Bollox, La Discotheque and Your Dad sells Avon. They are also Big Daddy of the Fvckpigs dance collective who regularly grace the stage at Homobloc and Bollox.

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