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Salford's festival of new music and art • 5th May 2024 •
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Deptford Northern Soul Club

Two men stand against a pink background. One has dark hair and wears a purple tie dye t-shirt the other has blonde hair and a ginger beard and wears a cream pinkish cardigan

From a sell-out one off at Deptford’s now legendary Bunker Club in 2016, Will Foot and Lewis Henderson have taken their hard hitting breed of Northern Soul up and down the UK and over to mainland Europe, from Glastonbury to Green Man, from Bristol to Glasgow, from Dublin to Deptford; featuring soul stompers, heavy horns, joyous perspiration, ecstatically harmonious strings, dance moves you’ve never seen before and a hangover you’ll want to forget.

DNSC are ecstatic to see a rebirth to clubbing and the sense of community that can exist within four walls while records are spinning. It is one of the only oases in a confusing, dark, and twisted world. Long live clubbing culture. Long live Northern Soul. Long live togetherness. Long live a heavenly utopic future. And finally; long live Deptford Northern Soul Club.

"a new breed of soul night for the next generation"

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