Sounds from the Other City 2023 – Sounds From The Other City
Salford's festival of new music and art • 5th May 2024 •
Jelani Blackman at Hot Bed Press
Regents Trading Estate
Hot Bed Press
Jessica Winter at fourfivestudios
St Philips Church

Wow! what a joy this was – wet and wild outside, raucous and rowdy inside, this was the proper SFTOC experience from start to sweat drenched finish.

We were treated to 17 hours of unadulterated good times, soundtracked by the very finest new music and performance from The Beatriarchy’s bumper bill of djs in the backroom of the New Oxford pub through to Tapir’s opening and closing ( with half the audience in tow) on the altar of St Philips Church.  Tokky Horror took the roof off Islington Mill, with the doors barely open, TC and the Groove Family turned full jazz punk at Hot Bed Press and Saloon Dion quelled the the vastness of fivefourstudios, joined by Nat from Loose Articles for a cameo performance.

Elsewhere there were electric performances from the electro-kraut pummelling of the Umlaüts, Vindya’s konnokol-techno debut and the imperious vocal delivery of Jelani Blackman. Across the day it was the little pockets of space that perfectly captured the spirit; the upstairs bar at fivefourstudios was in full on rave mode for the whole day whilst the upstairs at Porta slouched from Slow Jamz to Garage.

And if you made it through the afterparties we salute you! 2023 was a ripe reminder of just how powerful coming together can be. Now, how to top that next year!




FvvK Pigs
Rumbi Tauro at Hot Bed Press
Vindya at Partisan Club

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Plug One FM, Fat Out, Bollox, Sayin? , Heavenly Recordings, NIAMOS, Strange Days, Mas O Menos, OneFiveEight, The Beatriarchy & Friends, Reform Radio, Partisan Collective, Band On The Wall, Now Wave, Off With Their Heads, Me Gusta, Hey! Manchester, Alphaville, YES, Fair Play, Slow Jamz & Garage, The White Hotel presents, Chipped Polish, Good Afternoon, FLUFF, Piano in the City, Tales From Other Worlds, Strange Days, Grey Lantern, The Beauty Witch.

Me Gusta Collective at Hot Bed Press
Tokky Horror Crowd Surfing at Islington Mill

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96back, Adult DVD, Afroking, Amaka, Annabel Fraser, Arch Femmesis, Artist Lebo, ASJ, Atalaya, Ayse, Baba Ali, Bee Rosebud, Belek, Bennettiscoming, Blue Ruth, Bob Cojones, Brown Brogues, Brutal Ruth, Butch Kassidy, Caitlin LM, Cal, Chande, China Lilly, Chipped Polish Djs, Chuggy Kutz, Colecta, Compass, Cowtown, CURRENTMOODGIRL, Dayzee Chain, DEK, Deptford Northern Soul Club, DJ Dairylea, Đjè ßýngï Xh’ūlu, djlaundrybasket, DJ Soyboi, drowzee, ecolagbohrsac2021, Ether Mech, Eyes of Others, Fatality, Fatty Acid Cabaret, Femme Fatene, FRSR, Ghenzi, GOMID, Good Afternoon, Gracie T, Half Pint, Hold Tight Djs, Honeyglaze, Hosted by Fi, Hur̃guf, INA (Sizzlers), Industries djs, is33n, Jeff O’Toole, Jelani Blackman, Jenna G, Jessica Winter, Joey T & Lady Lady, Kelan, Judas Darkholme, Juice Pops, Karis Jade, Katbrownsugar, KHOM, Kid Katharsis, Kiss Me Again, Kool Kid, Ku’umba, Kweefster, Lavender Rodriguez, Levi Love, LINTD, Lucy Locket, Luke, Lupini, Mabrak, Max Fulcrum & The Win, MBB, Meduulla, Me Gusta Djs, Metrodome, Micah Stalgic, Mike O’Mara, Monoko, Monopoly Phonic, Mr Ben & The Bens, Mr Breen, Ms Dee, MYNA, Mystique, Nightbus, Noelle, Norrisette, Not4Many, Not Bad For A Girl, O’sapien, Phia Sky, PLUS44KALIGULA, Positively Destructive, PRNCSS, Problem Patterns, PSK, PVA, Rob Henthorn, Rosé Gold, Rumbi Tauro, Saloon Dion, Shannon From Admin, Shrek666, Smooch Soundsystem, Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection, SPIDER, Steadman, Tapir!, TC & The Groove Family, The Early Mornings, The Faux Faux, The Niallists, The Umlauts, Third Kulture, UNIVERSITY, Tokky Horror, Toots, UT, Vindya, Ziyad Al-Samman.

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