Sounds from the Other City 2017 – Sounds From The Other City
Salford's festival of new music and art • 5th May 2024 •
colour photograph of of person performing with a microphone, purple lighting
JG Wilkes founder of Glasgow independent clubbing inistitution djs at the Sounds from the Other City 2017 afterparty at the Old Pint Pot
J.G Wilkes (Optimo)
NTS Radio at the Islington Mill Gallery with performances including Slowthai and Anz
NTS Radio with set from Slowthai and Anz
Shame playing Live at Regent Trading Estate
Audience dancing at OneFiveEight outdoor stage at Regent Trading Estate

2017 was a big year for SFTOC, record breaking crowds up and down Chapel Street and more promotors, platforms, programmers and artists than we’d ever hosted before. Taking in warehouses, community centres, coffee shops, churches, cathedrals and pubs this was once again the authentic Sounds from the Other City.

In the shadows of cranes on every corner, we witnessed a truly widescreen selection of performances from rising Manchester star IAMDDB‘s slick soul to HMLTD‘s glam stomp through to Flamingods cosmic clangs. NTS Radio joined us for a live broadcast at the tiny Islington Mill Gallery and brought along sets from Slowthai and Anz for good measure.  IMPA.TV marked out our venues with  beautifully crafted Totem Poles on the outside and drippingly delicious visuals on the inside and BBC Philharmonic and Ex-Easter Island Head invited along Laura Cannell to lead a breathtaking finale of their collaboration over the last 3 festivals.

Miraculously the weathers held out for the whole day, leading to camaraderie, good spirits and pure joy in the tents of Bexley Square to the Car park party on Regents Trading Estate.

Audience members hugging at Regent Trading Estate Sounds from the Other CIty 2017
Sounds of the New Dawn

"Salford is changing but the independent soul of the city is safe with Sounds"

The Independent
IMPATV's procession stops of at the Lancashire Fusiliers' Boer War memorial , created by George Framption, on corner of Chapel St and Oldfield Road, Salford
Sounds of the New Dawn
Art Directors IMPA.TV's Totem pole creation for Now Wave at Sounds from the Other CIty 2017
IMPA.TV 'Sounds of the New Dawn' Totem Pole
Musicians Ex Easter Island Head and Laura Cannell perform a specially commissioned live performance of violin and prepared guitars, with the BBC Philharmonic at Salford Cathedral
BBC Philharmonic with Laura Cannell & Ex Easter Island Head
Art Directors IMPA.TV's Totem pole creation for BBC Philharmonic at Sounds from the Other CIty 2017
IMPA.TV 'Sounds of the New Dawn' Totem Pole

2017 promotors were

(in no particular order)

Tru Luv, Wonderful Sound, Aficionado, Bad Uncle, Comfortable on a Tightrope, Eastern Bloc Records, Engine House Collective, Family Tree, Fat Out, Paradox, Grey Lantern, Good Afternoon Heavenly Recordings,  Hey! Manchester, IMPA.TV, Inkfolk, Night Fantasy, Manchester Midi School, Now Wave, NTS, Reform Radio, OneFiveEight, Sacred Tapes, Samarbeta, Sham Bodie, Ping Pong Club, Swing Ting, HotMilk,  The Beauty Witch, Young Identity, T’OPP Collective and The White Hotel.

Audience Members talk next to a bicycle beside Islington Mill
Time Out
A carefully positioned puppet at the White Hotels 2000AD installation at The Kings Arms
Rite of Passage from the White Hotel

2017 artists were

(in no particular order)

Abnormal Sleepz, Callista Rouge, Children of Zeus, IAMDDB, Sleazy F Baby, Tobi Sunmola, Carwyn Ellis (Colorama), dj Miles Copeland, dj Moonboots, dj Jason Boardman, Horsebeach, July Skies, Lee Southall , Nev Cottee, Torn Sail, Autobodies, Batteries, Chew Magna, Common Knowledge Quiz, Drahla, Milk Crimes, Nanna, Patty Hearst, Claire Davies, Cult Party, Jennifer Reid, Jessica Higgin, Irma Vep, Joanne Robertson, R Elizabeth, Simon Joyner, Vital Idles, Means&3rd, Kerrie, Black Eyes, Akaram, Arc, Duds, Golden Dregs, Katie Pham and the Moonbathers, Rosey PM, Sammartino, The Birth Marks, Intastella Discomare, DJ Acid Rephlux, Out of Quiet djs, Lauren Bolger & David McLean, Sphnksta, Amy Horgan & Mike O’Neill, Lou Woodcock &Stuart Faulkner, Farhood, Flamingods, Melting, Snapped Ankles, Vanishing Twin, Virginia Wing, Kiss Me Again djs, Slag Heap Disco djs, Good Afternoon djs,Ali Horne, Amber Arcades, Britain, Creatures, Orielles, TVAM, Fazerdaze, Hannah Peel, Living Body, OLA, The Lovely Eggs, The Proper Ornaments, Tom Williams, IMPA.TV, GIRL SWEAT, dj Andy Hanley, dj Chris Price, dj James Holroyd, dj Lee, Jonnie Wilkes (Optimo), Ged Tucker, She Gaze, Nymad, Liohness, Sciran, Marc Nox, Dyvir5e, Kerry Surman, Raumstadt, Goat Girl, Hand Habits, HMLTD, KLLO, Luxury Death, Otomo X, Plastic Mermaids, Prayer, Shame, dj Finn, Anz, Bone Soda w/Slow Thai & HMD, Contours & Hidden Spheres, Menage a Trois djs, Farhood, Tardast, Kepla & Ling djs, Dylan’s Enemies w/ Simon Joyner (dj), Leon & Seb dj, Dub Smugglers, Them There Records djs, John Bevan dj, Me Ravioli, Joe Sope, Mr Breen, Vague David & Queef dj, Nino, Still, White Death, Laura Cannell, Ex-Easter Island Head , BBC Philharmonic, Bethlehem Casuals, Delightful Sausage, Goose, Maddy Storm, Sam and Tom, South Island Son, Joey B, Samrai & Platt, Bruxa Maria, Casual Nun, FTSE 100, Klaus Kinski, Stupid Cosmonaut, Thor & Friends, Tukaisloveletter , Ella Otomewo, Jardel Rodrigues, Isaiah Hull , Lupin , Roma Havers, Sky Wolf, Ghost Kings of The Five Regions, Lavender, Lord Kesseli & the Drums, MOLD, Panzer Chocolate, Giant Swan, Spectres, Taos Hum, The Roasts, The Showers, The Starlight Magic Hour, Blood Sport, Fandango Hack, Jack Ladder, Jupiter-C, Monk, Nova, Vendel, Psychic Sister Pseudo Séance Band, Salò, Several Wives, Space Afrika, The Death of Money, The Rebel, Vacuumorph, Errant Monks, Maeve Rendle’s 9 victims, Trout Man Replica, Ben Jackson and Brexit the Monkey.

"Famed for its mind-bending atmosphere...the venues are filled with vital emerging talent, unearthly noises and super-weird happenings"

The Skinny

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