2015 Festival | Sounds From The Other City – Sounds From The Other City
Salford's festival of new music and art • 5th May 2024 •

"Pound for pound one of the best all day festivals in the country"

The Skinny
Jane Weaver performs live with her band at St Philips Church for Sounds from the Other City 2015
Jane Weaver
Sauna Youth perform live at the Grey Lantern x Faux Discx stage at the Angel Centre for Sounds from the Other City 2015
Sauna Youth
Barberos perform live in full body suit costumes at Fat Outs packed out stage at the Old Pint Pot Sounds from the Other City 2015
Zun Zun Egui perform live at St Philips Church for Sounds from the Other City 2015
Zun Zun Egui
Audience take a breather on the kerbside outside St Philips Church at Sounds from the Other City 2015

2015 and leg 11 of our annual shindig, so in time honoured tradition,  lets talk about the weather baby, that most British of obsessions. And boy-oh-boy did this one start off bad, like a big baby blubbering and tipping his bathtub at the same time, for a good five hours. Thankfully it had all passed by the time most people awoke and sun greeted the doors opening.

This year laid witness to some of our most adventurous programming to date, Ex-Easter Island Head and an ensemble from BBC Philharmonic, together they created and performed a brand new composition in a shop shell at the soon to be completed Vimto Gardens, whilst Sara Lowes led 9 other musicians in  40 minute monster composition on the historic site of the Battle of Bexley Square.

We moved into a brand new space at the New Bailey Arches, a cavernous warren of arches that saw Sways Records present the hugely ambitious “Ring Cycle’, best described as ‘a very fucked up Jools Holland’. We welcomed packed out shows from Jane Weaver, LA Priest, Black Josh and Sauna Youth , whilst the whole thing was tied together and torn apart by the Costumologists and Faux Queens rabid, pinata fuelled “Micro Cosmic Delirium‘, perhaps nowhere better illustrated than their truly uplifting collaboration with Barberos at the Old Pint Pot.

Tacocat performe at St Phillips Church in Salford for Sounds from the Other CIty 2016

"Its the best advert Salford can have, SFTOC shows you a glimpse of the real Salford, one that is evolving and becoming rather exciting"

Music OMH
Ex Easter Island Head perform with the BBC Philharmonic at any empty shop shell space at the newly built Vimto Gardens development on Chapel St as part of Sounds from the Other City 2015
BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and Ex Easter Island Head
Costumologist costume on the bridge as the audience walk towards the Old Pint Pot
Live sound art performances at International Three gallery in Salford as part of Sounds from the Other City 2015
International 3 Gallery
Audience arriving at the wristband exchange at Sounds from the Other City 2015
Audience Arriving

2015 promotors were

(in no particular order)

Sways Records, Fat Out, WotGodForgot, BBC Philharmonic, Now Wave, Video Jam, Red Laser Records, El Diablos Social Club, Gizeh Records, The International 3, Gesamtkunstwerk, Annex Agency, Faktion, Little Red Rabbit, Good Afternoon, Comfortable on a Tightrope, Wet Play, Tru Luv, Hey! Manchester, Faux Discx, Grey Lantern, Sham Bodie, Red Deer Club, Samarbeta, Bad Uncle, Ono Tesla and Sacred Tapes.

Festival co-founder Morry Carlin sets up a sign at Islington Mill Bed and Breakfast before the Sounds from the Other City 2015festival
Islington Mill B&B Bar
Behind the stage view of Mother performing as part of Sways Records Ring Cycle performances at the New Bailey Arches as part of Sounds from the Other City 2015

2015 artists were

(in no particular order)

The Costumologists, Christeene, Jane Weaver, Zun Zun Egui, Cale Tyson, Will Varley, Brown Brogues x PINS, Pinkshinyultrablast, Barberos, Denim & Leather, Lakes of Snakes, Mike O’Neill, Creeping Heat, Michael Holland , Brain Machine Radio, D/R/U/G/S, Voodoo Black (Sparkz, Dubbul O, Ellis Meade, DJ Cutterz), Bhrisc, Deadbear, Black Josh, Charlie Cocksedge (MONEY),  Loftt , Ella Deacy + Abi McVeigh, Gengahr, LA Priest, Real Lies, R. Seiliog, Groves, Jupiter-C,Beach BabyEsper Scout scored selected visuals by Joe Whitmore, Hartheim scored ‘Emak Bakira‘ by Man Ray, Acre Tarn scored live visuals by Joe Whitmore, Metaphysical Human scored ‘Cosmodrome’ by BlackLab, Paper Dollhouse, Normal Love , Irma Vep, Fliss Horrocks, Composition, Jen Calleja, Cold Pumas, Sex Hands, Sauna Youth, Sealings, Housewives, Tense Men, Innerstrings Psychedelic Lightshow , Hookworms, Sonic Pleasure (aka Marie-Angelique Bueler), Ben Gwilliam, Lee Patterson, Matt Wand, Wasp Nest, Pumping Iron, Garth Be(Sweet Sticky Records), Eggs Collective, Quippodrome, PINS (Acoustic set), Sean Morley, Sam & Tom, Will Setchell, Brown Brogues (acoustic set), Tony Basnett, Barbara Nice, Sara Lowes, Liz Green, Songs for Walter, Phill Howley, Aidan Smith, Najia Bagi, Jote Osahn, Raz Ullah, Chris McGrath, Neil C Young, Paddy Steer, Silverclub, Ruf Dug, Il Bosco, Disco Mums, BBC Philharmonic Ensemble, Ex Easter Island Head, Last Harbour, Lazarus Clamp, Naked (on drugs), Tomorrow we Sail, Fieldhead, Rian Treanor, Guildford Squad, NPLGNN, Hess, Vulj, Danny Saul vs Sam Weaver // David Birchall // Sam Andreae & Andrew Cheetham Trio // Chris Anderson // Callum Higgins // John Dean & David McLean // Jeu // Playacting // Hot Shorts // Wilderness Hymnal // Groves // Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs // Baby Brave // Doctrines // Fists // Junk (play the hits of Jesus & Mary Chain) // Hate Your Friends (play the hits of The Lemonheads) // VF Big Band Karaoke, Mother, Parade, Kyogen, Blacklung, Kraken,  Ezo (on drugs), A String Quartet, Golden Hank Mondo, Onika, Croww, Faux Queens

"a surrealist playground where creative imaginations can run wild...the most diverse range of performances I’ve ever seen in the space of 12 hours"

The Mancunion

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