Sounds from the Other City 2012 – Sounds From The Other City
Salford's festival of new music and art • 5th May 2024 •
Black Belles guitarist plays live at Islington Mill on the Now Wave Stage at Sounds from the Other CIty 2012
Black Belles
Verity Susman plays on the Now Wave Stage at Islington Mill at Sounds from the Other City 2012
Verity Susman
The UR Collective, in protective bolier suits, spray the kerbs outside Islington Mill in gold paint at Sounds from the Other City 2012
UR Collective painting streets in gold
A blurry late night picture of the afterparty at Islington Mill at Sounds from the Other City 2012
Islington Mill Afterparty
Steel Drums play to the gathered audience in the courtyard of Islington Mill at Sounds from the Other City 2012

May 6th 2012 turned into our biggest event yet from our now 8 year history. Welcoming over 80 acts and 2000 people to the streets of Salford, the vibe hit the top end of the register.

This year saw us stretch from the top to bottom of Chapel St, with an almost east/west war going as Faktion put on a moody day of menace at Sacred Trinity Church with Ekoplekz and Vindicatrix, whilst Grey Lantern debuted with a packed room at the Black Lion that was rounded out by a blissful set from Walls. Meanwhile up the top end Now Wave’s and Aff with theirHheads made the room sweat with a wildly eclectic day at Islington Mill that kicked off Electrelane’s Verity Susman and ended off with Maria Minerva whilst over at the Old Pint Pot, Mind on Fire took it late into the night with beautiful sets from Shigeto and Lapalux – perhaps the only time those two artists will ever play together in the upstairs room of a pub!

Across the area, the streets were paved with gold by UR collective, we began our love affair with Volkov Commanders as they brought the chaos of Panoply to the festival for the first time, whilst Bad Uncle put together a fascinating day of live soundtracking with Islet and Teeth of the Sea amongst those really excelling in the role.

Empty tins in an empty Islington Mill Courtyard ar the end of Sounds from Other CIty 2012
After the Afterparty
Empty cans and bottles strewn across an empty islington Mill Club space at the end of Sounds from the Other City 2012
After the Afterparty

2012 promotors were

(in no particular order)

Mind On Fire, Drowned in Sound, Fat Out till you Pass Out, CHERYL, Now Wave, Hey Manchester, Volkov Commanders, Underachievers Please Try Harder,Comfortable on a Tightrope, Bad Uncle & Hear Here, Faktion, Trash o Rama, Off with Their Heads, Paradox, Bad Language, Grey Lantern.

Olympics inspired SFTOC logo - Diver
Olympics inspired SFTOC logo - Badminton
Olympics inspired SFTOC logo - Gymnast
Olympics inspired SFTOC logo - Handball

2012 artists were

(in no particular order)

Irma Vep & Friends, Sophie Lisa Beresford, Helen & Lois, ,HipshakesekahspiH, Black Shuck, Jessop & Williamson, Pumping Iron & Savwo, A G Magee, Room & Guests, Liam Wright-Higgins, New Hips, Shinies, Embers, Stalking Horse, Eaux, Regal Safari, Dam Mantle, Walls, Pop Deviant, FRNKNC & MYRRH, April Showers, Shapes, Reykjavik Tourist Guide, John Loveless, Kickin’ Pigeon, G R E A T W A V E S, Vistories at Sea, younghusband, This Many Boyfriends, The History of Apple Pie, Ghost Outfit, The Lovely Eggs, Nikolai Duffy, Chris McCabe, Tom Jenks, Chris McCabe & Tom Jenks, The Sensations, Stephen Waddicor, Seaman, Socrates Adams Florou, Suttree, Butcher the Bar, SpaceGhost, Greetings, Frazer King, Easter, Daniel Land & The Modern Painters, Heroin Diet, Super Luxury, Bad Hammer, Monster Island, Dead Sea Apes, 100% Beefcock & The Tits Burster, Verity Susman, The ABC Club, Au Palais, Sunless 97, Fear of Men, Pins, Black Belles, Keep Shelly in Athens, Pandr Eyez, Maria Minerva, Preventing Kharms, Nija Dalal, David Hartley, Tom Mason, Fat Roland, Miles Hadfield, Alabaster de Plume, Les Malheureux, Michael Holland, Zeke Clough, Baron Mordant, Ekoplekz, Vindicatrix, Hotpants Romance, Sex Hands, Base Ventura, No Womb, Waterworld, Laser Dream Eyes, Daq Sabbath, Cover Girl, Joseph & David, Withered Hand, Stuart McCallum, Stranded Horse, Laura J Martin, Paul Thomas Saunders, Loney Dear, Well Wisher soundtracked ‘Jurassic Park, Nasdaq soundtracked ‘La Jetee’, Vei soundtracked ‘Limbo’, Peepholes soundtracked, Wode soundtracked ‘A Page of Madness’, Islet soundtracked a specially made visual set from Ewan Jones Morris, Teeth of the Sea performed ‘Reaper’, as specially made set for the ‘Doomsday’.

"a proper home-grown festival, taking pride in showcasing local bands and local promoters’ tastes, with an ever-growing number of visual artists at it's hub"


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