Sounds from the Other City 2011 – Sounds From The Other City
Salford's festival of new music and art • 5th May 2024 •

"the best music festival for miles around"

A studio resident at Islington Mill peers out from the balcony at Islington Mill before Sounds from the Other City 2011
Drag Scene at Islington Mill (c ManAlive on Flickr)
Viv Albertine of the Slits plays a solo live performance in the back room of the New Oxford Pub, Bexley Square at Sounds from the Other City 2011
Viv Albertine at The New Oxford
Audience members browse through album sleeves on the wall at Sonny Smiths '100 Records' Exhibition in Islington Mill Galllery at Sounds from the Other City 2011
Sonny Smiths '100 Records' Exhibition
Vieka sings live during a solo performance on the Mind on Fire stage in the Salford Arms at Sounds from the Other City 2011
Vieka at The Salford Arms
The audience in a sun drenched Islington Mill courtyard photographed through the sticky taped windows of the staircase at Sounds from the Other City 2011

A new decade fully in swing as the noughties slipped the way of the millenium. For a second year, we sprawled through the full expanse of Chapel Street from Peel Hall at the top to Sacred Trinity Church at the bottom, with the much missed MIE Music hosting an exquisite exposition of dense sound in the latter, Barn Owl and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma amongst the particular highlights.

2011 saw promotors du jour, Now Wave, join the party for the first time and they seemed firmly intent on upstaging all others with a line-up that managed to combine SBTRKT’s heavenly vocal maker, Sampha, with a soon to become Alt-J Films, with notable performances from Creep and Money. As the evening wore on into the night, perhaps the highlight of the day was the sight of Zsa Zsa Noir seemingly float raving on a table amidst the sweatiest of sets from D/R/U/G/S.

Across the day there were many more weird and wonderful moments, including Swedish popstrelles, Those Dancing Days, squeezing onto the stage in the upstairs room of the Pint Pot, moments after hair and make-up call in the landlady’s flat, a spoken word set  from Aidan Moffat at the Angel Centre and the enchanting addition of Sonny Smith’s ‘100 Records’ exhibition at the Islington Mill gallery.

"SFTOC is an indicator for the sounds from all other cities bubbling under the mainstream radar"

Manchester Mule
Trojan Horse play live and Loud on the Fat Out stage at the Rovers Return as part of Sounds from the Other City 2011
Trojan Horse (c EdSprake on Flickr)
Will and Rick play live in a Ghost Outfit at The New Oxford pub as part of Sounds from the Other City 2011
Will & Rick at the New Oxford

2011 promotors were

(in no particular order)

Bad Uncle, Hear Here, Comfortable on a Tightrope, Fat Out Till You Pass Out, Helmets for Men, Hey! Manchester, Trash-O-Rama, MIE Music, Paradox, Postcards from Manchester, Mind on Fire, High Voltage & Now Wave.

Brown Brogues play a frenetic punk set at the back room of the New Oxford pub as part of Sounds from the Other City 2011
Brown Brogues at The New Oxford (c KittySaros on Flickr)
Manchester bank play a live set at Islington Mill on the Now Wave stage as part of Sounds from the Other City 2011
Money at Islington Mill (c Thesophiew on Flickr)

2011 artists were

(in no particular order)

Fixers, Denis Jones, Temperatures, Plank!, Day for Airstrikes, Deaf to Van Goghs Ear, Dr Mahogany’s Goat Circus, Veronica Falls, Girls Names, Sonny & The Sunsets, Irma Vep, Golden Grrrls, Feel Right, Anta, Drunk in Hell, Trojan Horse, Primal Device, Bad Body, Factory Star, The Blimp, The Suns, Death to the Strange, The Inflictors, Urchins, Sandbox, David Thomas Broughton, The Wave Pictures, Darren Hayman, Willy Mason, The Other City Ensemble, Viv Albertine, Brown Brogues, No Womb, Float Riverer, Ste McCabe, Salty Lips, Zsa Zsa Noir, Brittle Stars, Barn Owl, Richard Youngs, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Cath & Phil Tyler, Outshine Family, Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides, Frazer King, Aidan Moffat, Milk Maid, Neil Bell, Easter, SpaceGhost, Wode, April Showers, Butchers, Andrew Beswick, Nasdaq, Lauren Bolger, Rainbow Arabia, Patterns, Replicas, The Steals, With that Knife, Ghost Outfit, Those Dancing Days, Young British Artists, Mammal Club, Tigercats, Weird Era, Louche FC, Action Beat, Capac, From the Kites of San Quentin, Neko Neko, VEi, Zing, Vieka, High Voltage, The Twilight Sad, Still Corners, The Good Natured, The Kill Van Kulls, Driver Drive Faster, Charlie Barnes, D/R/U/G/S, Anchorsong, Creep, Sampha, VondelPark, Breton, Films, Money, Fetch the Witches and Sonny Smiths ‘100 Records’ Exhibition.

"That’s what SFTOC is all about: celebrating differences, exposing the unknown and having a damn good time doing it"

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