Sounds from the Other City 2010 – Sounds From The Other City
Salford's festival of new music and art • 5th May 2024 •

"the finest thing that could have happened to Salford in a very long time"

Manchester Evening News
Shot through scratched glass of a public telephone box on Chapel Street, dj and promotor Elliot Dobbs listens to a specially performed set by Andrew WK, whilst drinking a Guiness and Orange, as suggested by Andrew himself
Elliot Dobbs (Naive Melody) listens to Andrew WK in a phonebox (c Alexandra Wolkowicz)
Yarns from the Kings Arms knitting Group adorn a lamppost on Chapel Street as part of Sounds from the Other City 2010
YarnBombing on Salford streets (c Fraser Chapman)
ELectro duo May 68 play live at the Pint Pot as part of Sounds from the Other CIty 2010)
May 68 at the Old Pint Pot (c Duncan Elliot)
Festival goers take in the artworks at the Mount Pleasant exhibition at Islington Mill Gallery as part of Sounds from the Other CIty 2010
Mount Pleasant Exhibition at Islington Mill 9 (c Alexandra Wolkowicz)
Sebastian Mariner of the band Young British Artists listens to a live set from TuneYards phoned in specially to the only public phonebox on Chapel St as part of Sounds from the Other City 2010

And so it was, the 6th annual instalment of Sounds from the Other City,without a doubt one of our best outings yet, with some amazing music, performance and all round good times.

We moved things westside, bringing Islington Mill into the mix as a daytime venue for the first year, along with the glorious St Philip’s Church. Bring on the Dancing Horses brought quite simply one of the most ridiculous line-ups ever to a 200 capacity room upstairs at the Old Pint, with Wu Lyf, Dutch Uncles and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs those to play to packed house.

This year the obligatory rain was instead replaced by a brisk wind from Siberia but it didn’t dampen the spirits a tiny little jot. And lest we forget the appearance of the now legendary ‘Telephone Showbox’, where lucky punters won a ticket to a one off telephone performance from a host of characterful musicians from around the world, perhaps typified best by Andrew WK‘s words of wisdom washed down with a Guinness and Orange. A really special moment.

A big poster of the Sounds from the Other City 2010 festival on Chapel St in Salford

"This year’s event was so good it could be used as propaganda for the area. It flattered the region"

Japanese band Bo Ningen play live on the Lamb and Wolf stage at Islington Mill as part of Sounds from the Other City 2011
Bo Ningen at Islington Mill (c Alexandra Wolkowicz)
Maria and the Gay play a live set in a tent in the upstairs room at the Angel Centre as part of Sounds from the Other City 2010
Maria and the Gay at The Angel Centre (c Fraser Chapman)

2010 promotors were

(in no particular order)

Bring on the Dancing Horses, Comfortable on a Tightrope, Lamb & Wolf, Mind on Fire, WotGodForgot, Mount Pleasant, Paradox, Postcards from Manchester, Room Tones, SWN, Hey! Manchester, Your Mama’s Cookin’

The Music playing dj milk float 'Tone Float' parks up at the Kings Arms beer garden as part of Sounds from the Other City 2010
The Tone Float at The Kings Arms (c Alexandra Wolkowicz)
Islington Mill based band Gnod set up in the Islington Mill Bed and Breakfast as part of Sounds from the Other City 2010
Gnod set up at Islington Mill B&B

2010 artists were

(in no particular order)

Fujiya & Miyagi, Egyptian Hip Hop, May 68, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Wu Lyf, Dutch Uncles, Talk Normal, Dinner Party, Hotpants Romance, Way Through, Pheromoans, Waiters, Sex Hands, Leveret, Girl Mountain, No Womb, Maria & The Gay, David Henry, Cartune Xprez, Chrome Hoof, Bo Ningen, Divorce, The Pharmacy, Klaus Kinski, Breaking Colts, Twisted Robot djs, The Laze, The Legend of the 7 Black Tentacles, Kelpe, Sirconical, Io Monade Stanca, Levenshulme Bicycle Orchestra, Borland, Go Lebanon, Frazer King, Dee Campbell, Uncle Meat and the Highway Children, The Scrotes, Neil Bell, Jemima Foxtrot, Thick Richard, Frank Sidebottom, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Islet, Windmill, Help Stamp out Loneliness, Just Handshakes (We’re British), The Cavalcade, Alexander Tucker, The Boats/Danny Norbury, A Middle Sex, Dean McPhee, Seasons (Pre-Din), Ithaca Trio, Operations/Appetites, Thomas White, Y Niwl, At Swim Two Birds, Tim and Sam Band, Jesca Hoop, Jo Rose, Jasmina Maschina,  Elvis in Disguise, Serious Sam Barret & David Broad, The Graveyard Shift, Hank Haint, Zacc Rogers, Liz Green.

"Sounds from the Other City has retained the spirit of defiant invention and personality that has often been lacking in the gentrified bigger city just down the road"

Creative Tourist

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