Sounds from the Other City 2009 – Sounds From The Other City
Salford's festival of new music and art • 5th May 2024 •

"a triumphant showcase for the obscure, the invigorating, the mystifying and the up-and-coming"

Whisperin and Hollerin
Marina (and the Diamonds) at Sacred Trinity Church (c Paul Gregory)
Morgan Quaintance from Plugs at the Rovers Return

From Lexie Mountain Boys to Legowelt with Wul(y)f Wulf and Marina and her diamonds sandwiched in the middle this was SFTOC’s last addition to the cultural canon of the noughties.

This was also our last outing that was solely on lower Chapel Street and the last time that Islington Mill served only as an afterparty space. It was also the beginnings of campaigns for the region to have a Manchester Metro Mayor, honoured by artist Jon Traynor  in the Straw Poll public windows exhibition, created by Evi Grigoropoulou.

And after some quite miserable weather in the years before we at last there was some sunshine, (our trusty shower clock recorded exactly 5 minutes and 32 seconds of rain).

This year we were blessed to see some truly remarkable music and performance and a really wonderful atmosphere created by each and every single person there.

We had an absolute blast in 09 – Vote Keane for Mayor!

Dorian Wood at the Black Lion
Cats in Paris at the Rovers Return
Sleeping States at KIngs Arms
Folk band The Moulettes play on the Red Deer Club stage at Sacred Trinity Church as part of Sounds from the Other CIty
The Moulettes at Sacred Trinity Church

"That a selection of such exceptionally curated leftfield music even exists is a cause for celebration; that it’s managed to sell out (tickets) without “selling out” (to commercialism) is nothing short of a triumph"

2009 promotors were

(in no particular order)

Lamb & Wolf, Terrorist, Mind on Fire, Hoya:Hoya, Bring on the Dancin Horses, Your Mama’s Cookin, Swn, Comfortable on a Tightrope, Golden Lab, Bad Uncle.

an artwork for the Straw Poll exhibition outside Sacred Trinity Church as part of the Sounds from the Other City 2009
Straw Poll artwork outside Sacred Trinity Church
Audience members look at running time posters in the Wristband Exchange at United Reformed Church as part of Sounds from the Other City 2009
Wristband Exchange at United Reformed Church

2009 artists were

(in no particular order)

Liz Green, SoPhIe’S pIgEoNs, Gnod, Sam and the plants,David A Jaycock, A Middle Sex, Fonik, Former Bullies, Sir Yes Sir, Teen Sheikhs, First Time Flyer,La La Vasquez, Lexie Mountain Boys, Plugs, The Invisible, Cats in Paris, Young British Artists, Lost Knives,James Ferraro (The Skaters)Bridget Hayden, PARA, Oawre, Serfs, Monopoly Star Searchers (The Skaters’ Spencer Clarke) Infinite Light (UK), TODD, Sleeping States, Banjo or Freakout, Chops, Wu lf Wu lf, Mazes, Jonny Dub,IllumSphere, LA77, Norvun Devolution, Mind on Fire Collective, Danny Drive Thru, Legowelt, Troubleshooter, English Electric, Gordon Tinnitus, BOPS, Dorian Wood, Acid Burp, Earnies Rhythm Section & John Fairhurst, Elvis in Disguise, Vinny & the Curse, Tom Attah, JD Smith, Zacc rogers, Jack Pudding, Gallops, Marina And The Diamonds, Peggy Sue, Sweet Baboo, TheTombots and Nia Morgan.

"the spirit of SFTOC is one of discovery…Bands aside, the other great thing is its creeping element of the village fete.It’s this quirky character and easy atmosphere that makes the event so special"

City Life

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