Sounds from the Other City 2008 – Sounds From The Other City
Salford's festival of new music and art • 5th May 2024 •

Phew, as vintages go, this one couldn’t really have got off to a worse start with the Egerton Arms announcing that they would not be playing ball with us on the morning of the event.

Bring on the Dancing Horses, in their debut year, proved themselves to be made of sterner stuff and pulled off a remarkable recovery by helping ship camp across the road to Central Salford Train Station and the rest is, as they say, history.. we may never get to see a voice as otherwordly as Seaming To‘s transcend a train station again.

This year also saw some mighty wild action on the edge of town, the Disco Opposite Tesco Karaoke uniting the masses at the Black Lion, the Chairpersons soapbox firing wisdom and bile on the former Flat Iron Market at Sacred Trinity Church.

Talibam brought their sonic destruction of the tiny Salford Restoration Office, Howlin’ Rain packed the Kings Arm with more hair and sweat than is surely allowable and Man Like Me made it party down at the Mark Addy.

Cats in Paris at Kings Arms
Warm Widow in the Rovers Return
Artist David Orme at Salford Restoration Office
Magic Amrm at the Rovers Return
COAT's Laetitia Glenton at Salford Restoration Office
Sacred Trinity Church swaps with Islington Mill for the day and has Mass in the Gallery

2008 promotors were

(in no particular order)

Lamb & Wolf, Club Brenda, Hey! Manchester, Red Deer Club, Prostitutes and Policemen,Bring on the Dancing Horses, Comfortable on a Tightrope, Golden Lab, Bad Uncle.



LIz Green plays in front of the Garage next door to Sacred Trinity Church
Andrew Beswick takes part in Chairpersons at the former Flat Iron Market

2008 artists were

(in no particular order)

The A Band, The One Ensemble , Trembling Bells, Seaming To, Cath and Phil Tyler, Ross Parfitt & Jon Collin, Beach Fuzz, Howlin’ Rain, Cats in Paris, Gentle Friendly, A N Other, Hot Bone, Gnod, Midnight O’Connor, Magic Arm, Cowtown, The Wave Machines, Warm Widow, Tim and Sam’s Tim and Sam Band, Talibam!,Former Bullies, May-Ming, Carcascara, Nathaniel & SYS Band, Thomas Settle, Rozi Plain & FrancoisSean Vinylment, Black Lodge, Last Harbour, The Bottomfeeders, David Thomas Broughton, Stranger Son of WB, Vinny Peculiar, The Declining Winter, Planet Earth, Sara Lowes , The Moulettes, The 1,2,3,4’s, Sophie’s Pigeons, Los Grecos, Down the Tiny Steps, The Winter Journey, The Badical, Man Like Me, Modernaire, Darlings of the Splitscreen, The Thief, The Witches, Performance, ddd , The Old Romantic Killer Band, Copycats, Lonelady, The Man Amplifier, Jon Trayner, Rachel Parry, Joe Stretch, Yol, Andrew Beswick.

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