Sounds from the Other City 2013 – Sounds From The Other City
Salford's festival of new music and art • 5th May 2024 •
Audience members enjoying the live action at the Mark Addy pub at Sounds from the Other City 2006

Should we do it again, shall we? will we?  well we did. Mount Pleasant (artists David Bailey and Lucy Jones) joined the fold and cooked up an absolute beauty of the poster for this year, and in David’s case, every year since. Sacred Trinity Church and The Mark Addy joined in on the venue action, the former providing the perfect start to the day with a christening as the first action of the festival.

This year saw Blowout on fine form with The Whip providing one of the genuine highlights of the day, there was a surprise late night set from Stazi while Cherry Ghost provided a more mellow surge of interest at the Kings Arms. The infamous Club Brenda party from Islington Mill made its way to the Rovers Return with the predictable carnage ensuing, while next door at the Black Lion the hype pipe blazed all day with appearances from the hotly tipped KBC, Dead Disco and the early Delphic incarnation, Snowfight in the City Centre.

Once again, pictorial evidence was thin on the ground, the now ubiquitous camera phone wasn’t a big thing around these parts, unless you were ahead the curve with a Nokia N90.


The Whip perform live on the Blowout stage at the Mark Addy as part of Sounds from the Other City 2006
The Whip at the Mark Addy
A blurry photo of Starless and Bible Black performing live on the Rain or Shine stage at the Kings Arms as part of Sounds from the Other City 2006
Starless and Bible Black at Kings Arms

2006 promotors were

(in no particular order)

Rain or Shine, Blowout, Red Deer Club, High Voltage, Golden Lab, Cub Brenda.

My Side of the Mountain perform live on the Club Brenda stage at the Rovers Return as part of Sounds from the Other City 2006
My Side on the Mountain at Rovers Return
Search Map perform live on the High Voltage stage at the Black Lion as part of Sounds from the Other City 2006
Search Map at Black Lion

2006 artists were

(in no particular order)

John Smith, Jim Brouard, Little Pebble, Waverton Collective, Andy Robbins Conundrum, Nancy Elizabeth Cunliffe,  The Former Bullies, The Search Map, Snowfight in the City Centre, The KBC, Dead Disco, Quack Quack, The Good Anna, David Thomas Broughton, Kong, I had an Inkling, Sparkles, Scarecrows, Ford Maddox Brown, Sir yes Sir, My side of the mountain, Magic Arm, Sporting Hero, Hooker, Beats Beginners, The Maple State, Day For Airstrikes, Sundowner, The Nightjars, The Forest, Shut Your Eyes And You’ll Burst Into Flames, The Whip, Stazi, Cherry Ghost, Ed Cottam, Jack Cooper & The Beep Seals, Starless and Bible Black, John Stammers, Gideon Conn.

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