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Salford's festival of new music and art • 5th May 2024 •
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6 DAYS TO GO: Special Stuff

photo of giant mirrorball made out of cds with 6 people stood in front in various poses

It’s time for a round up of all this year’s ‘special stuff’ to satisfy the wondrous, the playful and the absolute lunatics among you… 

{Carriage Return} @ GK Gallery, 3-9pm
Get lost in the sound of the click-clack of typewriters and craft something stunning as you reenergise with a delicious coffee with Hils, Lucy, and the GK Gallery & Coffee Shop crew. 

Live Printing @ Hot Bed Press
Snap up your limited edition prints, totes, and tees being live-printed in amongst the action. 

M3 Industries @ YES, Seven Bro7hers, Bexley Square, Middlewood Locks
One on the SFTOC22 starter pack, grab a snap for the gram with a set of our ludicrous legs! 

Last Beach @ Hot Bed Press
It’s here, it’s queer, and it’s serving…ALCOHOL! (and soft drinks of your choice.) Have a bev and a sunbathe with Mx. Butcher on the last bar on earth.

MEGA-LEGZ @ Unit 4 
Witness mechanical madness with the mega-legz installation suspended above our stage and join Julia to find out the nitty gritty on how it works with an interactive element from 3.15-5.15pm.

M a t e k o i A/v Installation @ Unit 2, The Fridge
Immerse in a world of sound and sight in this installation, with a live performance at 10.15pm.

TV Babies @ Regents Trading Estate, 3-7pm
Time for a trip to the dentist! Join the jolly Jenny, Freya and Charlotte in a bowling bonanza where prizes will be won, whether you’re reet good or rubbish! 

Dogs with Jobs @ Partisan, 8pm-1am
Not even the goodest of boys was ready for this one… Descend into the demise of the dog overlords in an immersive madness mirage and come out not knowing your head from your tail!


Keep an eye out during the festival because these will-o’-the-wisps will be roaming around the area…

Compact Disco @ Regents Trading Estate 7-8pm, Middlewood Locks 9-10pm
It’s a roaming, gleaming, party parade! Bust out a street-side boogie with the Compact crew visiting a site near you.

Short Supply @ Around the site
Witness weird and wonderful while wondering with Mollie, Rebekah, Grace and the creations they’ve crafted.

Rerooting @ Around the site
It’s MAYDAY and Lae and friends are offering the chance to reflect on our relationship to the natural world. Take home a plant pot of wishes after witnessing the spirits dance.

Queer Utopias @ Around the site, 4-7pm
Discuss and discover what queer community means to you. A workshop in contemplation and craft will slowly decorate the Sounds site with words of love.

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