STAGES for 2015 will be announced in Due course but you can still check out what you saw/missed in 2014 below.


As we put the final finishing touches on the 10th edition of Sounds from the Other City, we’re proud to make the first announcements about this landmark festival.

During the history of SFTOC, our roster of amazing promoters have been integral to pretty much everything that we’ve done, and we’re certain that this year’s lot will add as much to decorated mythology surrounding our yearly celebration as all those who have gone before them.

Equally, the venues themselves have all added unique touches, and given us more memories than it is possible to recount. We are happy to announce the following venues and promoters for Sounds from the Other City 2014 – and there are still more to come, too

Now Wave @ Peel Hall
Gizeh Records, Fat Out & Buried Bones @ Maxwell Hall
Wot God Forgot & Grey Lantern @ The Old Pint Pot
Comfortable on a Tightrope & Chew Disco @ The Crescent
Tru Luv @ The Angel Centre
Deep Hedonia & Faktion @ St Phillip’s Church
Dub Smugglers, Mind on Fire & El Diablos Social Club @ Islington Mill Club Space

The SFTOC 10th Anniversary Social presented by Bad Uncle @ Islington Mill Gallery
Record Fair @ The Deli Lama
Hey Manchester @ First Chop Brewing Arm
Video Jam @ Bexley Square

SMS & Work Them @ Islington Mill first Floor (afterparty)
One Five Eight Collective @ Islington Mill, The Courtyard

Volkov Commanders as Art Directors

Tickets are available to purchase online still priced at £18
And also to purchase in person at Piccadilly Records & Common (booking fee free)