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Call out for Artist Commission at SFTOC 2015

February 3rd, 2015

We are really excited to share with you a special commission for 2015’s festival.

This is a one off commission to fund an Artist, Designer or Creative Producer to create visual and experiential unity across the many disparate and individual locations and venues of SFTOC 2015, paying close attention to the festival aesthetic, atmosphere and overall audience experience.

Following on from last years success working with the Volkov Commanders (see this video) we are opening the door once more to collaborate with an artist, or group of artists at this years festival.

Please see this Issuu link for more information about the commission and how you can get involved. 

If you have any problems or questions then please email rivca (at) soundsfromtheothercity (dot) com


This commission is funded by Arts Council England


Arts Council Funding for SFTOC

February 3rd, 2015

Sounds From the Other City are pleased to announce that we have received funding from Arts Council England to support the 11th SFTOC Festival (2015).

The funding will focus on three areas; developing our organisation, enhancing the visual arts content of the festival and growing the community/on street performance aspect of the festival.

We are really happy to receive their support as it will make many things possible this year that we have only dreamed of experimenting with, for a number of years; all with the ultimate goal of enhancing the festival atmosphere and experience for you, our audience.

Here’s to 2015…

Sounds From The Other City 2015 tickets now on sale

January 27th, 2015

Salford_sfotc-7158 copy

Everyone’s favourite day of the year, Sounds From The Other City is fast coming round again. This year, we’ll be hosting it on May 3rd, and as usual, we’ll be taking over Chapel Street, Salford to get the best promoters from Manchester and the wider area to programme their favourite sounds in some of the other city’s best spaces.

First names for the festival will be announced in the coming weeks – but you can avoid the crowds by buying your tickets now through Skiddle here: http://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Manchester/Islington-Mill/Sounds-From-the-Other-City-2015/12173628/

Exactly 7 months to go till SFTOC 2015

October 3rd, 2014

As you have just witnessed we are pleased to share with you the memories of SFTOC 2014, as filmed and edited by the geniuses at Plastic Zoo.

This point marks 7 months (exactly) until the doors open at Islington Mill; to collect your wristbands and check your itineraries ahead of a day of music, art and party vibes. We are in the midst of intense planning and will begin announcing more information towards the end of the year.

But if last year, and the previous 9 before that, are anything to go by you know the drill: great bands, strange happenings, distinctive venues, unexpected involvement, hearty food and a massive pub crawl.

Watching this video we were reminded about how much fun everyone had at the festival this year, and to say thanks for being great we are releasing another 50 earlybird tickets, priced at just £15. (The £10 ones sold out in under half an hour earlier in the year- so don’t hang about). Full price tickets are also onsale priced at £20 so if you miss the earlybirds make sure you get involved with that.

Next years SFTOC takes place on Bank Holiday Sunday May 3rd 2015.

If you would like to watch the video again just head to the Plastic Zoo Vimeo or watch below:


May 6th, 2014

Good Morning,

We hope you have all recovered. Thank you so much for helping make 2015 the best year yet.

HUGE thanks to all the Volunteers (without you this couldn’t happen), BIG thanks to all the promoters (who really pulled it out the bag), the Venues (who let us do this crazy stuff every year), the Musicians (keep everyone’s ears happy) & The Volkov Commanders (who take us all to another dimension). Not to mention our enthusiastic supporters for the year.

We at SFTOC are really proud of this year, and seeing you all still wearing party hats at 3am was a real moment of happiness for us.

As a thanks from us to you we have put tickets on sale for 2015. A super limited amount of £10 earlybird tickets which you can now get online from Skiddle.com

2 day to go: Stage times & clashfinder revealed.

May 2nd, 2014

Its been a long road, but we’re almost there – and now it is time to start planning. With Sounds from the Other City happening this Sunday, you can spend the majority of your Friday planning exactly what you’re going to see at this year’s festival as we’ve just revealed the stage-times through clashfinder.

Sort out your schedule for SFTOC here.

The last few tickets for the festival are still available at Common, Piccadilly Records and online through Skiddle, here: http://www.skiddle.com/festivals/sounds-from-the-other-city/

5 days to go: DJs, merch, record fair and art exchange at Deli Lama

April 29th, 2014
As part of Sounds from the Other City, we’ve invited Michael Holland from Ono Tesla/Fulbaechop/Haxan to curate his own merch stall in the Deli Lama, and invite his pals to flay some of the finest wax in the process.

However, he’s taken it one step further – by creating his own artist exchange too, where creative types can go and swap items for their own ends. After the festival, the exchange will move over to Islington Mill Courtyard, and be open 24/7  throughout the year.

We asked Michael to explain a little about the project, as well as his space in the Deli Lama:

Over the past six months I have been accumulating lots of artists materials, paper for collages, paints in cans, brushes, haberdasheries – the kind of stuff any modern artist could use to create a masterpiece, or at least get an idea down when they are inspired by Islington Mill’s energy. Launching at SFTOC, the project will be a recycler’s dream – starting by running alongside the merch and DJs at the Deli Lama. The exchange will find its home in a shed in the courtyard of the mill and will be open 24/7 after the festival, and I will continue to resource materials for creativity. If anyone has something that they fancy putting in the pot, we will gratefully accept any contributions.

In terms of the record fair and merch, there will be products from local labels and bands playing the festival – as well as some exclusive SFTOC gear created especially for the day. There will also be records from my own huge collection.”

DJs joining him on the day include:
Robert Parkinson (Preston is my Paris)
Yousif Al Karaghouli (Kult Country)
Macca (Soup Kitchen )
John Powell Jones (Savwo)
Michael ready to take on the Volkov Commanders at this years festival

Michael ready to take on the Volkov Commanders at this years festival

6 Days to go: Video Jam stages announced

April 28th, 2014

Almost a festival within a festival, we’re pleased to announce the full programme of events that Video Jam have in store for us next Sunday. An action packed day of original scores performed to short film including a host of newly released material and some heavyweight classics.

In between the Slip Discs team provide the musical interludes as well as a host of musicians on the sessions stage in the New Oxford: The day will look a little something like this:


O>L>A live set followed by scoring an extract from Ron Fricke’s ‘Baraka’

The Yossarians scoring ‘His Haunted Laughter’  by Jamie H Scrutton

Miles Halpin scoring ‘Cote D’Azur’  by Caroline Ward

Syncopation’s Light Hearted Sister scoring ‘The Summoning’  by Volkov Commanders

Daniel Weaver scoring ‘Vent’ by Joe Whitmore

The Happy Soul scoring ‘A House on the Moon’by Imge Ozbilge and Charlotte Apers, and ‘Sleep Vessel’by Ben Skea

Acre Tarn scoring The Seconds by Shunsaku Hayashi

Flesh scoring Caffenol  by Haruka Mitani

Christopher Barrett scoring ‘White Paint – Fitzroy North’ and ‘Last Words – Gogo Penguin’ by Antony Barkworth-Knight

The Lonesome & Penniless Cowboys scoring ‘All This and More’ by Veronica Ibarra

Jo Rose scoring ‘Bulle’ by Camille Uliana


Tom Mitchell and The Thumps


Thomas Long (Easter)

Solo work from Easter main man




Manchester’s favourite songstress: ethereal lullabies, played and sung in inimitable

style­­understated, yet brimming with invention and delicate beauty



Literature Thieves

Manchester based female trio with tight harmonies and melodic simplicity.


Songs For Walter

A returning SFTOC favourite – a view shared by a lot of others  – “Entirely beautiful” NME // “Very talented” Lauren Laverne” //One of my favourite discoveries of recent years’ Tom Ravenscroft



The Lonesome and Penniless Cowboys ­

Performing after their live score in the tent, this will be a proper end of evening hoe-down:

For more details on all the performers and film makers, visit the Video Jam website

7 Days to go – SFTOC food options unveiled

April 27th, 2014

We know how important staying proper fed and fueled is to enjoying Sounds from the Other City – which is why we take a lot of pride in curating some of the best grub options of any festival. With the sun predicted to be out for May 4th (fingers crossed), we’re proud to unveil this year’s list of exactly what you can stuff your face with at SFTOC 2014:

Islington Mill Courtyard
+ Pulled pork, brisket, ribs and more from Fire & Salt BBQ, who launch their new summer menu at SFTOC

+ Drum ‘n Baste hand crafted pizza

+ Vegan and Veggie treats from Keeks

+ The return of the world famous ‘Paulie’s Pub with added pies!

St Philips Place

+ The Angel BBQ and Beer Stop – The Angel step outside to bring us a full tilt barbie

Bexley Square

+ New Oxford street bar, with a wide selection of Belgian beers, fine ales and ciders

+ Veggie/vegan pick ‘n mix cones from The Deli Lama

First Chop
+ Honest Crust Wood-Fired Pizza   – http://www.honestcrustpizza.co.uk/


8 Days to Go: Team SFTOC take on Common Bar

April 26th, 2014

TONIGHT, we will be resuming our takeover on the Common decks from 9-2 but this time joined by some friends past and present. The night will consist of 10 mini DJ sets in homage to our 10th birthday. Each set is themed and here is what you can expect.

9-9.30 Mark C – Live & Love
This video is the defining moment of the combo of charity and cocaine!

9.30-10 Matthew Britton – 2004
Can you keep up?

10-10.30 Bad Uncle Ben – TV Theme Tunes
Classic Des Lynam at his smooth peak

10.30-11 Matthew Britton – 2005
Konichiwa, Bitches

11-11.30 Riv Burns – Soca & Azonto Rhythms
Bringing the Summer Sun to proceedings is a taste of carnival time

11.30-12 El Tron Jonze – Lectronic Rhythmyks
The Brothers Carlin and El Tronl made this track when we were youngsters!

12-12.30 Shez Pez & Kaede Fujimoto – Asia
Turntable masters look to their Eastern roots for inspiration for this special 30!

12.30-1 – El Tron Jonze – Rhythmyk Lectronics
El Tron booked this guy at the Mill in 2008 and about 20 people turned up – curvecrasher!

1.30 – SFTOC – Sweet Female Attitude
What the fuck is going on in this video?

1.30-2 – SFTOC – Sweet Male Attitude
Bringing it home in a strong fashion!